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We are a small, emerging community project of currently 3 families, living on a beautiful property in the midst of endless forests. We love the sense of beauty and quietness that this environment radiates, and we try our best to integrate ourselves as smoothly as possible into the surroundings.
We recognize that in order to take care of the Earth, of each other and of ourselves, it is necessary to cultivate a wider dimension of Conscious Awareness that allows us to more and more perceive and act seeing the “bigger picture” instead of being focussed on individual needs and desires.
This recognition results in an aspiration towards mutual care and support, growing together into a more and more universal condition of being in Love with life, with the land we live on and with the beings we share our life with, acknowledging that we are all expressions of the same one Heart. Growing together with our environment with criteria of sustainability, peace and harmony, creating a home where we accompany each other in the expansion of Consciousness and Love.

On the land, we have both private spaces for each family and communal shared spaces. Also in our economic activities, we have both individual and communal projects, all sharing the intention to promote personal/collective evolution, healthy lifestyle, recovery of a culture from and for the Earth, inviting to remember the fundamentals of a life in fullness:

We are currently renovating the main farmhouse to become a retreat center for individual and group retreats. We are offering teachings in yoga and meditation; individual guidance in processes of life and death; guidance to recover, maintain and care for vital balance; conscious nutrition; and other activities for personal and collective growth. Part of these activities are guided by our community members, but we are also open to receive external facilitators that offer activities aligned with our vision.

Being parents, we share a commitment to introduce children and teenagers to a lifestyle closer to nature, especially in times of increasing focus on digital technologies. Our guests are always welcome to bring along their families when coming for any activity or just for a visit.

We are continuously working to maintain and expand our permaculture gardens, growing organic vegetables, berries and fruit. We hope to recover a more intimate relationship with the Earth, more and more understanding nature’s cycles and dynamics. There are also a few domestic animals living on the land, currently 11 chicken, 2 donkeys, a dog and a 3 cats.

Envisioned longterm projects include:

  • improving the water supply system by means of recovery of an old irrigation channel
  • planting more fruit trees
  • improving the heating system of the main house
  • recovering existing old bakery workshop with wood oven

TierraLuz has currently capacity for one more individual or family to join the community, and we generally welcome visits and volunteers.